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Step into a world of radiant, sun-kissed skin with SLS Beauty Clinic’s Organic Spray Tan in Chesham, an experience that transcends the ordinary. Bid farewell to uneven tan lines and orange hues. Our organic spray tanning booth guarantees a seamless application, creating a natural-looking tan that complements your skin tone. The precision of the booth ensures that every inch of your body receives an equal amount of tanning solution, resulting in a consistent and harmonious glow.

Organic Spray Tan Featuring SIENNA X

Our state-of-the-art organic spray tanning booth, proudly featuring SIENNA X products, promises an even and natural-looking full-body tan that redefines the art of sunless tanning.

At the heart of our Organic Spray Tan experience lies the commitment to quality, embodied by SIENNA X. Renowned for its organic formulations, SIENNA X products are free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle yet effective tan. The organic ingredients not only deliver a flawless finish but also nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it radiant and lusciously bronzed.

SLS Beauty Clinic Experience

Indulge in the Organic Spray Tan experience in the comfort of a private and warm setting at SLS Beauty. Our dedicated space is designed to make you feel at ease, allowing you to relax and enjoy the transformation as your skin absorbs organic goodness. Our experienced specialists are committed to delivering a customised service that guarantees your ease and contentment at every step.

Whether it’s a special occasion on the horizon or a desire to pamper yourself, we believe that any time is the perfect time to achieve a beautiful tan. Our Organic Spray Tan adapts to your schedule, offering a quick and convenient way to elevate your look and boost your confidence. Step out with a radiant glow that exudes a sunlit warmth, irrespective of the season.

SLS Beauty’s Organic Spray Tan is more than a beauty treatment; it’s a celebration of radiant beauty achieved naturally. With SIENNA X’s organic expertise, a commitment to evenness, and a dedication to providing a private and warm setting, our spray tan experience invites you to embrace the transformative power of a sun-kissed glow. Whether for a special occasion or an impromptu self-pampering session, let your skin tell a story of organic brilliance with SLS Beauty.

Sophie BirdSophie Bird
14:18 28 Mar 24
Best beauty salon in Buckinghamshire without a doubt! Loredana and her team are simply amazing – they’re professional yet friendly, and their services are 10/10 yet reasonably priced. I honestly wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for my beauty appointments! I would recommend to absolutely anyone!
Jack HansonJack Hanson
19:52 22 Mar 24
Amazing Staff and Facilities and they’re always happy to help with any questions or queries you may have. Affordable and competitive prices. I recommend this establishment to anyone new to tanning or not you can’t go wrong.
Liberty KingLiberty King
17:44 07 Mar 24
Great service, perfect HD brows every time!
Suzi BielskiSuzi Bielski
16:37 07 Mar 24
Absolutely fantastic service and quality
Kathryn WilsonKathryn Wilson
18:41 17 Feb 24
Had my first bikini wax in a long time and Loredana was lovely and very reassuring. Great results too, thank you
Emanuela CotovanuEmanuela Cotovanu
12:21 13 Dec 23
Loredana is super nice and makes me feel very comfortable during my session. She is really informative, and i’ve already seen a huge difference since starting my treatment. i couldn’t recommend enough.
Liberty RymillLiberty Rymill
14:29 09 Dec 23
Staff are always friendly and are happy to help and recommend creams. The beds are great quality and are always super clean. The prices are affordable. I would definitely recommend SLS Beauty clinic and tanning !!
Adrian T.Adrian T.
18:39 21 Feb 22
Hands down the best beds in Chesham! I haven’t burnt at all, and my tan is developing so nicely. The owner is super lovely and so helpful, and the shop is always clean and tidy. Definitely highly recommend!

Our happy customers

I've had my nails done by Loredana a few times now, the salon isn't local to me (30 mins away) but it's worth the travel. She is very skilled and really knows her stuff. I love my nails! Thank you and see you soon.


What an amazingly professional and friendly beautician. Will defo seem me again. I am new in the UK and was with my beautician in SA for 16 years and was concerned that I would never be able to replace her skills and how comfortable I felt.... and Paula was amazing and I felt right at home.

Jill D.

Friendly and professional service with a very comfy bed. I have sensitive skin but it wasn’t even red immediately after. She helped me with a breathing exercise to stop it from hurting and she uses Lycon wax which is supposed to be less painful and more effective. Thank you